Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jilted, I'll Show You Jilted!

The great Fark website beat me to this report from the Missoulian--one of my regular local news haunts--which provides the account of a rampaging jilted-lover.  Reporter Perry Backus' account can't be beat, so read a digested version: 

"A Missoula woman apparently distraught over a breakup with her boyfriend allegedly attacked the inside of his house with a hatchet and a .45 caliber pistol earlier this week.  Camaree N. Fellon, 22, was arraigned on felony charges of criminal endangerment, assault with a weapon and criminal mischief this week before Ravalli County Justice Robin Clute.  Fellon was arrested at about 2 a.m. Sunday at a residence south of Darby. Earlier that evening, court records said Fellon had gone to her boyfriend’s cabin south of Conner after drinking at the Conner Bar. The two quarreled over the mess her dogs had made at the cabin. The boyfriend left and went to a friend’s home a few miles north. According to court records:

Before following in her own vehicle, Fellon allegedly caused a significant amount of damage to her boyfriend’s home by shooting the pistol into the wall, breaking out several windows, damaging a refrigerator and a safe. She also used a hatchet to hack at the interior walls, the records said.  When she arrived at the friend’s home, she raced the engine of her car, honked the horn and demanded that her boyfriend come outside.

He hid in a bedroom."

This is a man aftter my own heart. 

The story caught my eye, because once upon a time, here, in OurTown we had a Judge Irishname, now dead 5 or 6 years who had the moniker, "Crazy Eddie."  I had the distinction (I won't say honor) of deposing "Crazy Eddie" in a legal matter, and I got to ask him about one of his famed exploits--attacking the then newly-built granite-clad federal building with a "hatchet."  As I recall, his explanation for the attack was as non-sensical as the act.  Notwithstanding, this bat-shit crazy attorney was elected and re-elected to Housing Court.

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  1. This story reminds me of something I read over the holidays where two women cousings got into it at a Florida Walmart and I think one shot the other one. Its holiday stress? Alcohol? Both?