Monday, January 4, 2010

Congratulations, You Are an Asshole.

If you are at all like the Bad Lawyer, sometimes you read a story of some stupid-ass criminal and you think to yourself, that Boy needs a good smack, or more accurately he needed a good smack at some formative moment in his pathetic little life which he did not get. 

Out of St. Paul, Minnesota via Twin City News. com, the website of the great St. Paul Pioneer Press we have the story of the 88 year old man standing in the bank lobby iwth $300 he had just withdrawn to pay down for his wife's funeral.  Suddenly a thief appeared and snatched the money. 

The St. Paul police have identified a suspect after reviewing surveillance videos and locating the getaway car.  If the story sounds like a bummer, well the link will take you to the story that tells you that the world is not an entirely heartless place, because the folks in St. Paul rallied in an effort to make right what a rotten punk took away. 

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