Sunday, January 3, 2010

Marvin Williamson

41 years ago, Baltimore teen Marvin Williamson went to prison for life, for a murder he did commit.  Williamson, then 17, and a buddy killed Joseph Caslow after robbing Mr. Caslow of a beer, a few dollars and a knife.  Caslow was killed when he put up a fight.

While incarcerated, Williamson transformed himself.  An alcoholic, Williamson stopped drinking.  He obtained his GED as well as vocational training from every available prison program.  He changed.  He changed his life.  Four times over the yearrs the Maryland parole board recommended parole but the sitting Governors rejected the recommendations--Mr. Williamson, now a master upholsterer was released from prison following a court proceeding in November. 

There's an unvarnished look at this gentleman and his story by Tricia Bishop at the Baltimore Sun website, I wish it had been the first post at Bad Lawyer, for Twenty-Ten, because it represents a hopeful idea to begin the new decade.  Last year we talked so much about the spectacular lengths that states went to, to kill their killers, or to incarcerate children for life--let's face it, it was and is depressing. I'd like to think that there is redemption, rehabilitation, and even justice without the tyranny of death and cruelty that we seem to relish most of the time. 


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  1. I really hope this guy makes it, after so many years in prison your wonder if he has a chance. It sounds like he may be making a good start, but if you read the link it sounds like the lawyer who helped him doesn't have a whole lot of common sense. He took him to a bar after he got released. What's happening with the lawyer? Playing with fire, if you ask me