Friday, January 1, 2010

Workplace Sexual Harassment

The Tennesseean is reporting on a lawsuit filed by two male employees of Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services Company, a Brazilian Corporaton with operations near Nashville, alleging sexual harasssment at work.  These claims are unusual:  first, the charges mirror previously filed complaints;  and, secondly, the harassers include a supervisor who apparently thought it was a cool thing to disrobe and undulate suggestively against glass walls separating workstations.  What's unclear from the article is the gender of the harassers, which the "comments" to the article, amusingly, explore. 

Sexual harassment is not funny, it is usually pathetic, it's illegal, and let's face it, work is difficult enough without this sort of crap going on.  At the same time, the efforts of harassers do take on an absurdist air on occasion.  I pause, and ask myself, wtf?

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