Thursday, January 7, 2010

Judge Roe Gets Smacked

Plaquemines Parish Judge William Roe has had a really bad couple of years, yesterday the former jurist was sent to jail for pocketing $6,000 that was supposed to end up in Parish coffers but didn't. reports that Judge Jerome Winsberg lit into the former Judge, lambasting him for his breach of the public trust, and sentenced him to 3 months in jail for the misdemeanor embezzlement.

The underlying crimes involved monies the Louisiana Supreme Court reimbursed Judge Roe for legal seminars the Judge attended as part of his continuing legal education.  The monies were supposed to be paid over to the Parish accounts, Roe instead kept the money.  Now get this--the misappropriation came to light only after Roe ordered an audit of the accounts when he correctly suspected that a probation department employee was pocketing money from parolees. 

The likelihood that Judge Roe will get his license back, slim to none.

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  1. If the General Public knew what this judge did while on the bench.