Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spanning the Globe!

Does anyone younger than 50 know the meaning of that pre-WWW.//http expression?  I wonder.

Dateline: Paris, France--Roman Polanski, France's favorite pedophile has instructed his attorneys to file a motion asking the California Superior Court to "go ahead and senctence [him.]"  According to E! online  Polanski asked Judge Peter Espinoza for a long-distance decision.  Here's betting that if the Judge grants Mr. Polanski's wish and sentences Polanski to jail, our Polish pal willl promptly book the next flight to LA, uh huh.  Good luck with that one.

Dateline: Toronto, Canada--Texas mom faces cybersex charges in Texas for seducing a 15-16 year old greater-Toronto area teen that she met online playing World of Warcraft.  The Boys at "Bucks this AM, were abuzz about this story.  In Canada the age of consent for sex is 16, this wacky Houston, Texas mom, Lauri Price, 42, met the boy online when the Canadian youth was 15, she recently flew up to Canada the two enjoyed an orgy of video gaming,and, well an orgy.  My pals ask, why is this a crime?  Apparently it was not, in Canada but the cybersex in the US with the minor were separate criminal acts.  Nice Mom.  For more:  the

Dateline:  London, England--The Daily Mail online is reporting on the Bad Sword Swallower, see pic who was by his wife (also in pic!) standing in a trance entering the fifth hour.  It's a relief to see other perfectly normal professionals like myself experiencing unfortunate outcomes.  I am not alone in my Badness.


  1. Great pic, is that you Bad Lawyer?

  2. The sword swallower and his wife seem like a perhaps mis-matched couple, but perhaps she is keen on his earrings. It appears from teh article that he is not necessarily the most talented sword swallower either but sure can thrill an audience!

  3. " bring you the constant variety of sports...the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat..."

    I still remember that guy wiping out on the ski jump on the show's intro. A whole mythology developed about him--most of my friends insisted he was killed in that fall, but in retrospect it seems unlikely they'd replay someone's death over and over.

    My favorite WWSports event was the International Wrist Wrestling Championship, from Petaluma, California. So weirdly cool.

    Sorry, that's off topic--but your title really tripped my nostalgia reflex.

  4. Gayle--you can always ne off-topic, here, until the Bard Blog is up and active, mi casa, es su casa!

    Sprocketboy--thanks for posting at BL!