Friday, March 5, 2010

Al Garcia, Esq.--Coked-Out Rapist-Part 2

reported on the arrest and prosecution of lawer Al Garcia, former Minneapolis City Hall mover and shaker and I offered the observation that at his rape trial the victim testified to Garcia's matter-of-fact manner.  Garcia's blatant behavior as he pulled out cocaine ingested it like a pig in a trough then raped his prospective client, suggested to me that this hardly his first victim.  After reading the former client's testimony you could easily infer that Garcia was a serial sex offender.  These kind of guys, don't start out with dope and rape--no, there have been years of pulling this lesser sorts of stunts. 

In Garcia's case he was probably fully at it in college.  Since then who knows, my educated guess there are many victims since then--most of whom won't publically number themselves as his victims.  Garcia possessed power and coercion along with a now permanently void law license. 

Sure enought today 3 further Garcia victims testified at the trial according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  The evidentiary part of the trial concluded today and the jury returns next week for instruction and deliberations.

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