Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Judge, Forgerer!

Delaware County, Pa. District Judge David J. Murphy forged the signatures on his nominating petitions to qualify to appear on the ballot according to a report at Philly.com.  Apparently in Pennsylvania you can appear on the ballots of both parties during elections and Judge Murphy an incumbent Republican had failed to obtain enough signatures to qualify to appear on the Democratic ballot, so he took the shortcut of supplying the signatures himself.

The forgeries would be laughable if they weren't so ultimately tragic for htis jurist's career.  Misspellings, the use of names of persons easily verified as not signing the petitions, the wrong addresses.  Terrible, sloppy and disastrous for Judge Murphy.

Now Judge Murphy will be lucky to (a. stay out of jail, and (b. retain his law license. 

It sounds like the Delaware County voters are lucky to have a new option for this judicial position. 

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