Friday, March 5, 2010

Dr. Essa, Murderer

reported on the Doctor Essa trial in Cleveland.  Remember Essa is the former emergency room physician who allegedly poisoned his wife with cyanide put in her calcium pills.  Well you can strike the allegedly, a Cleveland jury that had deliberated all week convicted him of aggravated murder early this afternoon.

This spectacularly narcissistic bastard who had girlfriends around every corner, all over the world had fled to Lebannon and would have avoided extradition but for his need to satisfy and insatiable need for sex.   He flew to Cyprus for an assignation and was arrested by Interpol.  Cyprus has an extradition treaty with the US. 

One of the delicious facts arising out of the trial was that Essa played the grieving husband during his murder prosecution, claiming through counsel to have been "happily married" in the same way Tiger Woods was happily married.  Demonstrating this Dr. Essa wore his wedding band--well, it tuns out it wasn't actually the wedding Testimony from the prosecution witnesses claimed his actual wedding band was some sort of elaborate piece of art he no longer possessed and the wedding band he sported was- um a more recent acquisition.  Essa never took the stand, so the jury did not her his views on any subject.  At the link, the story by Leila Atassi.

Oh, Essa's defense, one of his jealous girlfriends did it.  That's it, murder your wife and blame your girlfriend.   What a sweetheart!


  1. It's the girlfriends in these stories who baffle me. The guy is obviously a sleazebag--how in the world is he able to get so much action on the side? Can that many women really have so little self-esteem? Depressing.

  2. GM--

    The boys at 'Bucks this morning could talk about little else, and you comment made it into the mix. Right-wind Chuck used to own "clubs" and observed the addictive nature of this dark behavior, which begins as innocent fun and devolves into this darkness. The girlfriends may have "poor self-esteem" but they came into the court and put the nails in this shitheads coffin.

    The follow up at this AM was terrific--exploring the jury's reaction to this narcissist. Their condemnation of Essa's passivity, his unaffected demeanor played a significant role in their decision according to a juror that was interviewed. Stunning drama.