Sunday, March 14, 2010

Do Not Use the Amber Lamps for a Drug Run!

This story is from and I just had to run it for my pal, Chris who totally amused by the "amber lamps" viral vidoe that went around a few weeks ago.
A Rutherfore, NJ mechanic, Clem Bagdan was busted was busted when he took the ambulance he was supposed to be working on for the borough on a little drug run.  Here's excerpt from Nick Clunn's report on Mr. Bagdan's adventure gone awry: 

"A Rutherford mechanic hired to repair a borough ambulance used the vehicle instead to find drug dealers in Newark, city police said tonight.

Newark police arrested Clem Bagdan, 50, after he flagged down a group of people – who he did not know were undercover police – to ask where he could buy cocaine, police said.  The plainclothes officers initially thought the Bagdan was seeking directions, police said. When the officers confronted Bagdan, they found him in possession of heroin, police said."

Oops!  By the way, these vehicles go for something like $150,000 a pop.

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