Saturday, March 20, 2010

Orly on Her Way Out?

Talking Points Memo is reporting that the California disciplinary authorities are looking at everyone's favorite "Birther" lawyer/dentist, Orly Taitz.  Apparently submitting pleadeings and motions supported by perjurious affidavits and forgeries is not ok, afterall.  Taitz was admitted to practice law in California in 2002. 


  1. you continue to play into the hands of the smear while the real issue of one of the largest frauds committed on the american people goes sliding by i'll bet if a non-partisan investigation is ever allowed and all facts on the table she is innocent however once again how concerned are you with the root claim oboobas elegability can you evern fathom the massive issue this is to our very core of our governing one of oboobas first act upon grabbing the title i dare not mention was sign an executive order locking down ALL of his and his wifes records. the truth lays kicked to the sie of the road whil;e a smear is used as a diversion it is amazing you are not willing to give the sanctity of our constitution the same issue as this poor soul trying to get to the bottom of the garbage pile i start to think you find joy in her plight i applaud her few would endure her troubles and still stand tall and challenge all to take another shot it's easy and all to common to roll over and cry uncle she looks to be willing to go down swinging and it's obvious that she believes as strongly as do i that obooba is an rdestructive fraud
    the pope

  2. Your Holiness,

    Your feelings about Obama cloud your judgment about Orly Taitz. You see her as doing something you agree with attack the popularly elected President of the United States who you consider constitutionally illegitimate. But you ignore or excuse the fact that she employs fraud, perjury and forgeries in legal submissions in U.S. District Court. I'm sorry my friend, with allies like Orly you'd be better off with Acorn looking after your interests.