Thursday, March 11, 2010

Also From Tulsa . . .

Yesterday we had the report of the Tulsa deputies who were tasering one-another and getting "disciplined" for their fun, today we have a report from the great Blawg, Courthouse News Service about Marion Gooding who got himself arrested by a Tulsa-area Sheriff for "abusing the flag" during a recent rock concert. 

According to the federal lawsuit, Gooding was arrested, booked, incarcerated,--but not prosecuted, because--get this, free speech protects even annoying rock bands including Gooding's.  By the way, Gooding's band  is called Smunty Voje.


  1. Question. I understand the Constitution allows the flag to be used this way. I personally believe it's a tough old flag and gets a bit tougher every time it becomes a prop in personal expression.

    U.S. law or not, this was during a performance in an Indian casino. Did the cop have jurisdiction when he dragged the Consitution in there and stomped on it?

  2. Ok--

    What's a Smunty Voje? How would you pornounce the second word?

    Oh, the jurisdiction issue, yeah, that was a head scratcher for me, too. It may be that the statute provides jurisdiction not limited by place, but you raise an interesting question.