Sunday, March 21, 2010

Douglas County Crime Scene Investigator On Trial for Manufacturing and Planting Evidence

The Omaha World Herald is reporting on the trial of the Douglas County, Nebraska, Chief Crime Scene Investigator.  The allegations against David Kofed are essentially that he is a corrupt cop he manufactured and planted evidence in two grisly Nebraska murder cases where apart from the evidence Koefed manufactured and planted, no physical evidence existed.

In one case, shotgun slayings of the Strocks, a Murdock, Nebraska farm couple, blood evidence planted by Officer Kofed led to the conviction and incarceration of two men: Nicholas Sampson and Mathew Livers neither of whom had anything to do with the crimes.  In a twist right out of crime novel which should send a chill down the spine of anyone who thinks that just because someone "confesses" to murder the state can comfortably execute the defendants,--Matthew Livers "confessed" and in a deal with prosecutors implicated Sampson.   Eventually the real killers:  Jessica Reid and Greg Fester of Wisconsin, both pleaded guilty and are serving life sentences!

The trial is hair-raising, and a real cautionary tale that seems to be emerging as a theme in new accounts around the country;  rogue cops, prosecutors, medical examiners, short cutting their way to nail the bandit pervert justice and take lives, libety and respect for the law.

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