Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maricopa County Update

According to the ABA Journal, John Gleason,  head of the Colorado Supreme Court disciplinary authority, has been appointed by the Arizona Supreme court to conduct the disciplinary investigations into County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  This is a particularly astute move by the Arizona Supreme Court in light of the vicious fighting and claims of conflict of interest. 

Additionally the Arizona Repubic is reporting that one of the Maricopa County Judges frivolously sued by Thomas and Arpaio for racketeering is now contemplating a malicious prosecution lawsuit.

Finally, one of the County officials who has been repeatedly indicted by County Attorney on trumped up charges brought by Arpaio and Thomas, only to have visiting Judges dismiss the indictiments--County supervisor, Don Stapley has called Arpaio and Thomas, "evil." 

Fear seems to be striking out in Maricopa County.  The Stalinist terror has come to an end.


  1. in anticipation of strippimg sherriff joe and his crew of power congress in conjunction with their amnesty bill are setting aside $200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,(unlimited funds) to improve all roads from mexico into the U.S. and are preparing voter registration packets for all entering packets are printed in spanish

    the pope

  2. Ah, Your Holiness is as feisty as ever, the problem with Sheriff Joe enforcing immigration laws is that he doesn't have a fundamental notion of the Rule of Law, generally; or any respect for the constitutional rights of his fellow citizens let alone the nuances of the rights of those seeking asylum in this country.

  3. B.L. there provisons for asylum however there those nasty deyails paperwork reporting registering all that crap the pesky little things our early family members did
    my grandfather on his journey from sicily made ellis island his first stop not the welcome inn and cantina after a midnight swim

    i see the rush of illegals and see MORE unemployed U.S. citizens

    Obooba sees MORE votes
    let the feds COVER our border with fences and patrols
    NOT cover illegals with healthcare and food stamps healthcare bill page 50 section 152 : healthcare will be provided to all non-citizens illrgal or otherwise

    the pope