Friday, March 12, 2010

Federal Judge Finds East Chicago, Indiana Is a Corrupt Racketeering Organization

A federal judge has entered an eye-popping $108 million dollar judgment against the former mayor of East Chicago, Indiana and others for racketeering finding that the City of East Chicago was in actuality run as a "corrupt racketeering organization," according to a story at the Indianapolis Star.  The story is at the website

Former mayor Robert Pastrick (pic) was sued in federal court by the state for using $24 milion dollars in public funds to pave private driveways and sidewalks in exchange for votes.  Pastrick, 83, had been the city's mayor for 32 years. 

Others ordered to pay the judgment include the city's former city council president.  A number of these former city officials are serving time.  These so-called public officials had drained the city coffers leaving the commmunity in a $17 million dollar hole. 

The judgment against these officials represents "treble (triple) damages."

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