Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Robber gets 1,948 Years In Prison

That's right folks, you are not reading a typo (and I think you've been reading Bad Laywer long enought to know that I know my typos.)  Read Ruby Gonzalez's account from the San Gabriel Valley News and let's discuss:

Authorities on Monday threw the book at a 35-year-old serial bank robber dubbed the "Mickey Mouse Bandit," sentencing him to 1,948 years in prison.  Anthony Richard Cuellar was convicted by a jury last year of 43 counts of robbery stemming from one nail salon robbery and eight bank heists in 2007, including a Wells Fargo branch in San Marino.  The 35-year-old Cuellar, who has two prior robbery convictions, was sentenced Monday at Alhambra Superior Court to 1,948 years to life.

'I don't recall of a sentence where a defendant has received that many years,' said Sandi Gibbons, a spokeswoman with the District Attorney's Office. 'It's up there.' Alhambra Superior Court Judge Laura Priver and Cuellar's attorney, Ruben Garcia, declined comment on the case. The longest prison sentence handed down by a U.S court was 10,000 years. It was given to Dudley Wayne Kyzer, who killed his wife in 1981 in Alabama. He was also sentenced to life for slaying his mother-in-law and a college student.

The FBI gave Cuellar his moniker because he wore a hat with a Mickey Mouse logo in one of the robberies."
Well, OK, this guy is a pretty bad thief, but sentences that enter the realm of science fiction are beyond bizarre.  They make a mockery of justice, and Judges who hand these sorts of sentences out are just grandstanding. 

California is a the pioneer in "three strikes," sentencing the net result is that so many people are incarcerated for so long, Gov. Schwarznegger has found himself trying to furlough corrections officers to deal with budget shortfalls.  California in turn finds itself opening the prison doors for non-violent offenders.


  1. Mickey Mouse Robber Sentence Is Goofy.


  2. yes- excessive!!!
    however the mockery of justice begins the moment you enter the justice center .
    i actually cringe every time i use the word JUSTICE as it's meaning has become abstract
    (will go there another time) back to the sentence they generally are
    terminating a mother-in-law 6 to 8 weeks in Cabo

    a wife depends on how much of origional marrige sentence already served

    college student depentent on studsnts university
    example Columbia ---medal of honor
    harvard -- citizens citation

    the pope

  3. Good point, your Holiness. I think.

    BTW did you know Bernie Madoff only got 150 years.


  4. poor bernie
    i suppose he suffered the rath of the mossad after they determind they should of been getting a bigger slice

    i always found intence contempt for larger sentences for stealing larger sums of money

    example isteal $50.00 from a man who has only $50.00 to his name he doesn't eat
    i steal a million from a man who has a billionhe doesn't get this weeks interest payment

    the pope

  5. Mr. Cuellar ONLY got 37 years to life. Check the CDCR website!!!

  6. Well weather it's 37 years or 1948 years to life that's still ridiculous. I understand what he done is very wrong and should be punished, but then I stop n think about it here are 2 guys they shoot and murder not 1, or 2, but 3 innocent people and get a sentencing of 2 years and the other a sentencing of 3 years... And D.A has all the evidence from blood splatters to weapon and that's the longest sentencing they both get for killing 3 Innocent people... Here this man goes and does these bank robbery's and gets a sentencing of 1948 years to life... He didn't kill nobody he stoled Money that had insurance on it so if something like this should happen and it did thats why banks are All prepared and covered with insurance... Where is the Justice at for the 3 innocent people at...

    The Fan