Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paging Dr. Levy--Part Two

According to the Tennessean, Tennessee's Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Bruce Levy (pic, on the witness stand), who was caught with the nicely-labeled package of marijauna in his Mississippi hotel room where he was moonlighting as coroner, and as reported on, here, at Bad Lawyer,--is now being investigated for stealing drugs from the dead.   

If those allegations prove to be true, the problems for Dr. Levy and the Tennessee system of justice will be on a whole other level.  You see, Levy's credibility as an expert witness took a nosedive with his arrest on the drug possession charges, if it turns out that he was stealing drugs from the dead and persons were prosecuted based on Levy's testimony, holy frijoles...get ready for the prison doors to come flying open and the lawsuits to begin.  I imagine that a number of habeus corpus petitions were readied in law offices in and around Tennessee and come to think of it, Mississippi late this week.  Wow!

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