Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Don't Leave Your Gun In The Sh#@!%r

The Indianapolis Star is reporting on an unidentified Indiana State Trooper who left his gun in a Lowe's home improvement store restroom.  Unfortunately, for the trooper he was long gone from the Lowe's when it dawned on him that he was no longer packing heat, he backtracked to the store's facilities but the gun was long gone. 

A store employee found the weapon and turned it into the Fort Wayne Police and our unnamed Trooper is now looking at disciplinary action.  According to a Slate magazine post a Department of Homeland Security audit through 2008 documented 289 lost DHS weapons most of which were lost in mens' rooms.  Reassuring, huh?

By the way so many inappropriate scatalogical puns were left out of this post, I hope I get credit somewhere for good taste and my self-restraint.  


  1. Wow, What an impressive pistol is that. I lover these kind of armors. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Thank you for providing me with my daily facepalm.