Thursday, March 18, 2010

KKK Imperial Wizard Excused From Jury Duty

The South Bend Tribune is reporting Railton Loy, Imperial Wizrd of the Ku Klux Klan was called for St. Joseph Conty, Indiana jury duty and promptly excused. 

According to Alicia Gallegos' account:

"Bailiff Julie Igaz confirmed the court received a phone message from Loy in which he expressed his affiliation and said he couldn't be fair unless 'the defendant was white.'

Igaz said she did not want to waste the court's time, and she accepted his reason for deferral.  It's not uncommon for potential jurors to ask they be removed from jury duty, according to court officials, but Loy's reason was relatively rare. Generally the primary reasons a juror is automatically deferred relates to 'hardship, extreme inconvenience, or necessity,' according to jury rules. The ultimate decision for deferment, however, is up to a judge. Chamblee said he fully agreed with Igaz's deferral.  'I'm not requiring him to be here,'

Chamblee said. 'I saw no reason to subject the criminal justice system to Mr. Loy as a juror.'"
I'm sure all involved are relieved.

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