Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maureen Dowd on a Process for the Pope

This morning's NYT has a brilliant column by Maureen Dowd analyzing the "defenses" advanced by the Pope's apologists and defenders.  Like Bad Lawyer she agrees that it is time to formerly hold the Holy See to full account for the crimes against children. 

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  1. and what is the point someone who or anyone who displays this much contempt for the church should find another and leave this one alone her reference to all this during holy week if she had the brains god gave the ass would look back and see the press usually has some significant criticism saved up for holy week i believe that most ( not all) that criticize the church couldn't care less about what the future of the church may be only for it's destruction i remember a few media campaigns ago stating the fact to some friends they always seem to save the most intence criticism as i stated before for holy week
    the next time you start to post instead of making your first act the attack of the church make it a prayer
    you must recognize the continual reference i make to the heightened attack this time of year has sucked you in to it this year i assure you all that is being done by the press especially references to decades of accounts is doing far more harm to the church and those who count on it to lead them in the celebration of gods blessings please just a little respect for the all thegood the church does and save your assasination for after easter then rejoin the zionist assult many times people don't agree with my detuction on issues but i believe to shed light on something that may be helpful or useful to know however just posting the opinion of someone with even more contempt for the church than you added nothing that writer has a mean vile demeanor full of hatred

    the pope