Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yaweh Is My Realtor, Here on the Third Rock from the Sun

The other day I was telling you about the "smiling drifter" who got "personal" with the Judge whom he called "Deborah" (her first name) at a preliminary hearing. Brent Arthur Wilson was in court on a case on a charge of  breaking and entering into a foreclosed and padlocked home. His "B & E" came to light whe he submitted a deed claiming ownership of the house at the county recorder's office near Polson, Montana. 

This morning the Missoulian followed up with an interesting story about the eccentric nature of the deed language the drifter, Brent Arthur Wilson utilized  It turns out that the deed mimics langugage in deeds filed previously in Bozeman, Montana purporting to be grants of real property from Yahweh.  For a "legal description" of the property (precise descriptions of location) the real estate is described as being on the  "third rock from the sun." 

Maybe my right wing pal, and sometimes commentator, "the Pope" will weigh in with insight on these type of real estate filings.  According to the Missoulian story, this deed language turns up in financial documents and at websites like: - and (the latter of which has been shut down.)

The smiling drifter appears to be part of the fringe, anit-government, anti-taxation group.  His interaction in court tends to corroborate this impression.  The failure to give recognition of the jurisdiction of the Judge e.g. calling her by her first name instead of "Judge" or "Your Honor," and asking about the "establishment of a trustee," are all signature attributes of that strange and anarchic worldview.


  1. I loved third rock smileys premise it appears is chase principles with barely fundamental knowledge of the issues i don't know if he started out a wack job or the result of unfulfilled attempt to gain some type of relief . interesting his i assume preliminary legal description i wonder what followed that term ??
    my guess is he might have attempted a convoluted attempt to back track to a land patent, which is the superior statement of title quick claim deeds or even warranty deed are only color of title a land patent gives allodial title both have become obstructed becuase they grant the only full true ownership of land wiyh out these we basically pay a land use tax to the the corporation for which the property falls in their corporate limits land patent recognizes sovereignty
    the jurisdiction part is as you know widely claimed finally however most are completely aware of the procedure to dispute jurisdiction and those that are usually eventually run in to some court unconcerned with there sovereign rights the court its law enforcement is in one description the goon aquad collection agency and settlement department for the incorporated area where the issues arise please tell me why governments incorporate ---hint all crimes are commercial

    had enough --sorry you asked we could go on for days or how about 150years

    the pope