Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey, this Bar Has a Dress Code!

Elbert Lewis Thompson, II is wanted on a Michigan warrant for bank robbery.   Mr. Thompson was arrested while sitting in a Pittsburgh, Pa. bar, JR's Bar (saloons of quality rarely require more than initials for names don't you think?), wearing only a hospital gown with an IV sticking out of his arm. 

Apparently Mr. Thompson had been hospitalized after a traffic stop north of Pittsburgh.  After he complained of chest pains and feeling faint, he passed out.  He miust be better now, or he was until the Police showed up and took him into custody on the Michigan warrant.

The thing is Elbert Thomspon is only 20 years old according to he Pittsburgh Tribune report, so one wonders how he was able to produce the required ID to purchase a beer?  Maybe the hospital attire made him look older than his years.

This story reminds me of scenes from near the OurTown local metropolitan hospital campus which abuts a very urban street scene populated by bars, wig shops, small convenience stores, and check cashing store fronts.  The hospital itself is a pretty distinquished teaching facility with awesome physicians and skilled health care professionals. 

It is not uncommon to see patients like the gentleman in the pic, pushing their IV cart along the street puffing a cigarette, especially in the era of the smoke-free hospital and workplace.  Pretty amusing juxtapositions, the street, the hospital gown, the medical equipment, and the smoker. 

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  1. There was a bar, here, called DT's! It's the sort of place I imagine this guy showing up at.