Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Judge Is a Lover and a Poet!

Weber County, Utah Juvenile Court Judge Craig Storey (pic) is being sued in U.S. District Court in Utah for sexually harassing his Court Administrator.  Here's Pamela Manson's account from the Salt Lake City Tribune:

"A court administrator has filed a lawsuit accusing Weber County Justice Court Judge Craig Storey of sexually harassing her and retaliating against her when she rejected his advances.  Marcia Eisenhour also names Weber County as a defendant, alleging its officials knew or should have known about Storey's inappropriate conduct but failed to stop it [. . .]

The alleged harassment by Storey, who was appointed to the justice court bench in 1984, includes his writing of an 11-page sexually explicit poem about Eisenhour that "detailed her various body parts" and his intended affair with her; telling her about a dream he had that involved her doing dishes while naked from the waist up; calling her at her father's funeral to tell her he loved her; and rubbing his groin up against her leg on multiple occasions.

The suit says Weber County investigated Eisenhour's complaint about Storey and concluded that he wrote the poem. In addition, the judge admitted to the investigator that he told Eisenhour about the dream, told her he loved her and quizzed the staff about men she was talking to, according to the suit.

The suit says Weber County filed a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commission, which allowed Storey to remain on the bench. Eisenhour has previously told The Tribune the commission admonished the judge in private and closed the case.  Eisenhour -- who has worked for Weber County since 1985 -- says in her suit that she was put on administrative leave twice in 2008 but was forced to return to work with Storey. She alleges she was stripped of some supervisory duties and was blamed by Storey for low morale at the court."
Nothing like a sexy jurist with an uncontrolled libido to cost the taxpayers scads of money.

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