Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Matrix Says, Kick Your Ass. Grandma!

The Lousiville Courier-Journal is relating the story of the 57 year old Okolona, Ky. grandmother, Sharon Ramage, who was ironing clothes in June of 2007 when a flash grenade exploded at her back door (pic of home) , the door was shattered with a 45 pound ram, and a SWAT team stormed in.  The team comprised of Lousivelle Police threw Mrs. Ramage to the ground and handcuffed her; oh yeah, they seriously re-injured her post surgical knee.  A helicopter was hovering in the sky over the house and a $300,000 armored vehicle was at the stand-by.  Why? 

No reason. 

Well, not quite, the Louisville police were looking for her son, because he had processed film at the local Wal-Mart snd it contained a non-pornographic nude image of her son, Michael Ramage with his two young sons.   By the way, Michael Ramage was nowhere to be found. 

Ultimately all charges against Michael Ramage were dropped for the simple reason that he had not committed any crime.

Why did this occur?  Well apparently, the Lousiville Police and police departments around the country use a "scoring matrix" to assess risk assessments in serving warrants, which explains why we've been seeig these ridiculous looking armored vehicles pop up all over he internet that local police are acquiring as the toys, er, tools of law enforcement.  As explained in the news account, the police are "slavishly" using these scoring matrixes to determine when to go commando, and God forbid if you're in the way, or for that matter the wrong person, they will kick your ass. 

Grandma is suing, and the U.S. District Judge has given the Louisville Police until Monday morning to submit a response to her motion for summary judgment for violating one or two of her Constitutional rights.  

Let's be rational for a second, if justice is nothing more than a computer algorithm we are in a whole lot of trouble--the great late Phillip K.Dick forecast this dystopian future in Minority Report. 

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  1. well the first thing your right about is "WE'RE IN A WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE"
    i'm sure in these times of budget deficits these type of tactics could be used to arrest those with substantial outstanding parking violations
    they musy not have found a copy of the constitution in the house or as is new administation policy they would of been held indefinately as domestic terrorists

    this sounds a lot like the tactic used by eric holderhof when he had to get the jump on 5year old elian gonzales in florida his last stop in the attorney generals office

    the pope