Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here Comes the Judge

Back in 2008 longtime Brazoria County, (Texas)  Court-at-Law Judge James Blackstock (pic) resigned in a plea agreement stemming from charges that he inappropriately fondled women employed by the county. Blackstock, 61, pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor official oppression charge and no contest to four misdemeanor assault charges.Visiting Judge George Goodwin of Houston fined Blackstock $750 for the oppression charge and $350 for each assault charge for a total of $2,150, plus $514 court costs.

Now the civil lawsuits agains Blackstock and the county are being filed, according to  the Houston Press, two former County employees have filed federal sex harassment lawsuits.  I know what you're thinking, a handsome guy like Judge Blackstock, who wouldn't want to lock lips with this guy.  He exudes he sexual vibe. 

We had a Judge locally who liked to dress in womens' lingerie under his robe.  Short, bald, swarthy, and adorned in lace and nylons he was quite a sight, especially when the naughty boy would let he robe slip just ever so...the court reporters turned him in.  For years you would go into bars in that town and his reelection posters would hang above the bar with lacy panties hanging from a corner.  It was quite the smirk.

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