Saturday, March 13, 2010

Frivolous Lawsuit Follies--Stupid "Celebrities"

The New York Post is reporting on former bikini model Irina Krupnik's (pic) newly-filed frivolous lawsuit against producers of the movie Couples Retreat which featured the actor Jon Favreau "masturbating" to a brochure that used a ten year old picture of her.   

Ms. Krupnik apparently did not find posing nearly nude over the years in her now finished bikini modeling career troubling, but a movie comedy lampooning a male character's pathetic behavior was too much for her sensibilities.   Ms. Krupnik sold her rights to the image used in the film.  The professional photographer who took the picture and purchased the rights licensed the photo to the film makers.
According to the New York Post the "suit charges the company with invading Krupnik's privacy and defamation and seeks $10 million in damages for her "great humiliation, embarrassment, emotional distress, shame, mortification and injury to her reputation and career.'"

Ridiculous and frivolous lawsuit.  Ms. Krupnik's lawsuit is almost as absurd as a certain over-the-hill 23 year old actresses lawsuit agains E-trade for naming a baby "milkaholic" Lindsay in their Oscars television spot. 

Let's see who wants to hire litigious divas?

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