Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hit In the Head With Hockey Puck At Chuck E. Cheese, That's a Lawusit is reporting on the lawsuit filed over the injury sustained by the hockey puck to the head at the Skokie, Illinois, Chuck E. Cheese. 

A Chicago area woman alleges in her lawsuit that she took a hockey puck to her cabeza suffering a head injury with memory loss (this may actually be a blessing if she was eating what passes for pizza in these joints.)

Reyna Mason, 45, filed a lawsuit in February against the parent company of the childrens' party palace:  CEC entertainment, Inc.  Mrs. Mason says the restaurant didn't take adequate precautions to guard against injury from the air hockey table.  Mrs. Mason was in a booth, eating pizza and drinking pop at a Skokie Chuck E. Cheese's when a puck flew from an air hockey table and struck her on the right side of the head on Feb. 22, 2008, according to her attorney Sheldon Aberman.

Mason was there with her 9-year-old son as well as a friend and his 10-year-old child, Aberman said.
Frankly, when my children were small I had the occasion to be in a few of these places, and I would think any potential juror who's had the experience would be biased and prejudiced in favor of the plaintiff as these places are preternaturally hostile, chaotic and emotionally injurious HELLS-ON-EARTH!


  1. You know, I was thinking, what if this had been a fatality? How would the death notice read? Skokie Mom, pucked to death at Chuck E. Cheese?

  2. I've always wondered how much these places actually contribute to our nation's health care crisis. The few times I've been in there--for birthday parties my son was invited to--all I could think about were the germs thriving on every surface and the kids spitting and coughing every few feet. To these health hazards, I will now add speeding airborne projectiles...