Monday, March 8, 2010

Go To Jail, Oh...You Have Hank Williams, Jr, Tickets, No Problem

The punk in the picture shot and killed his neighbor's dog with a bow and arrow. 

The Kanawha County, (West Virginia) Judge James Stucky sentenced Charles Wiant to four weekends in jail but then suspended the jail sentence for April 2nd because Wiant and his girlfriend have Hank Williams, Jr. tickets, according to the Charleston Daily Mail website.  Wiant's attorney Bill Forbes, the lawyer on the left of the pic, told Judge Stucky thatWiant's girlfriend spent quite a bit of money on the tickets. The Judge was moved by the dilemma granted the request to relieve Wiant from his April 2d jail obligation.  Compassionate justice.

Readers of the Bad Lawyer know, that the Bad Lawyer himself loves Country music, but Hank William, Jr. tickets!   You don't kill the neighbor's dog and expect to go to a Bocephus concert, maybe a David Allen Coe concert, but not a Bocephus concert.  What would ol' Hank have thought . . . move it on over little Dog, the Big Dog is moving in.

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