Monday, March 29, 2010

Brent Arthur Wilson--Smiling Drfiter Update!

Our Smiling Drifter, Brent Arthur Wilson is still at it according to the Missoulian, he just can't seem to get it in his head that you don't refer to the Judge by her first name.  And when she cautioned him to knock if off during the third hearing Judge Deborah Kim Christopher held in the the case, the case in which Wilson is accused of cutting off the padlock on a foreclosed house, moving in, and then submitting a deed from Yahweh--Wilson who is representing himself felt the need to remind the Judge-- "Deborah, you are not God." 

The now apoplectic judge has ordered that Mr. Wilson be evaluated, psychiatrically.  But Wilson says he will not cooperate until he, first, has an opportunity to examine the forensic psychiatrist's license, qualifications, and malpractice insurance coverage. 

Thus far, our smiling drifter has been able to thwart the Court--although he remains behind bars. 

We'll keep an eye out on this story.


  1. i find none of his requests out of line
    think about it he has a obligation to protect his client

    the pope

  2. I agree with you, 100%! On the otherhand, his alleged crime is pretty nominal and he might want to consider whether freedom might lie at the end of a wee bit of cooperation.

  3. Man, this guy just seems irritating as hell, though there's not much you can do about that.

  4. Kate,

    Occasionally I listen to CBC radio and I know you get quite a few of these characters up in Alberta and the Western provinces. They make life interesting, and they frustrate the hell out of the Courts.


  5. The longer I look at this dude, the more he reminds me of George Clooney in O Brother Where Art Thou.

    I'm starting to see floating cows. Is it just me? Pass the pommade.

  6. there are many who will risk freedom

    a prisoner her? or there ?

    i hope this guy doesn't give give up without getting more of his point across

    most dont understand mostly out of fear that they may identify a battle we all should be fighting if they look into the details of his posture
    if this guy doesn't get you asking some questions and wanting some anawers get into the middle of the flock the wolves are out there he's got my attention let's see how much they let him get on the table before they
    get too scared what gets exposed

    the pope

  7. @the pope, is that you Brent Arthur?