Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Arrest the Pope, Try Him in the Hague?

Rape is a genocidal crime against humanity.

Pope Benedict XVI is the head of state of the Catholic Church.

The Pope's role in protecting and covering up for sex criminals, rapists, and pederasts, who systematically victimized the world's children should be prosecuted, attempts to do this civilly have been aggressively and cruelly opposed by the Church and it's lawyers.  Should Benedict be arrested and put on trial at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity?

Benedict's apologists, say he's innocent, not in the know.  How is this possible?


  1. maybe you would prefer we just disolve the churh we could worship the state or how about maybe worship the holy prosecuter
    to consider a trial regarding the pope is absurd i got it why not just get a mossad hit squad to get him after all there is no more desirable scheme for every good zionist than the demise of the catholic church are you leading their charge very easy to condemn i for one would do much to protct my family so is that the popes flock the pope and the churh have much to consider far more than we
    and gods ever lasting grace and forgiveness is what they attempt to preserve for us all they are certainly have a much awareness as to whom we have to answer to and its NOT THE LAW
    so lets park the paddy wagons outside the church SIT WHERE HE SITS

    the pope

  2. Your Holiness,

    I want to make sure you know I was not referring to you.

    But in all seriousness, I;ve been pretty disgusted with the BS coming out of the Vatican for a long time and as you know I am a practicing RC who deeply respects clergy.

    The Vatican on the otherhand operates like a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization. The corruption in the Vatican makes Chicago look like a monastery.

    If it were just corruption that would be one thing, but what's happening now and for a long time is the tacit ratification of child sex abuse. When you cover-up and move around pederasts so they can abuse again, you are ratifying the crimes. The guy at the top did this and is unleashing his propaganda squads on the victims of this behavior. It's time to hold him accountable.