Monday, March 1, 2010

Calling Someone "Gay" Is Still Defamatory In Texas

You gotta wonder about Texas, right? 

Since 2003 when the US Supremes decided Lawrence v. Texas, sodomy laws and by definition, the American Taliban laws against homosexuality have been unconstitutional.    But a U.S. District Court Judge in Texas, held this last week that when Rickey Smiley, a local radio host who called a security guard at a local airport, "gay," may be sued for defamation.  How is calling someone "gay" defamatory? 

The story can be explored at a great website, that I've been looking at this last week call


  1. Yet another thing grown-ups in Texas have in common with Middle Schoolers everywhere...

  2. Conversely, in some alternative environments, could calling somebody "not gay" also be considered defamatory? In, say, a Minneapolis airport mensroom? Just wondering.

  3. that person saying it amounted to defamation any pictures anywhere of the individual in a gay pride parade --

    i wonder

    the pope