Thursday, August 12, 2010

21-Years of House Arrest for Philly Thief

Reporter Maryclaire Dale at is reporting that an an area woman has been sentenced to 21 years of house arrest arising out of her conviction on embezzlement from a Small Philadelphia title company.  Here's the story:

"A suburban Philadelphia woman has been sentenced to 21 years of house arrest so she can work to repay $475,000 stolen from her employer.

A defense lawyer for 40-year-old Lanette Sansoni (pic) says the victim was more interested in restitution than jail time.  Lawyer A. Charles Peruto Jr. says his client has repaid about $275,000 already and will stay on house arrest until the remaining $200,000 is paid. The judge set a payment schedule of $750 a month. That works out to 21 years. But Peruto expects Sansoni to pay off the debt sooner. She can leave home to work , but could go to jail if the payments stop.  Sansoni, a title clerk, worked for a small title company that went bust because of the theft.

Prosecutors argued for incarceration."


  1. By the way, her employer, Kenneth Slomine, insured her for $150,000. So on top of being paid back the $300,000 which was paid to Slomine, he received an additional $150,000. Plus, Sansoni lent Slomine $70,000 in 12/08. Gee I wonder what Slomine was up to???

  2. She was a thief in everything. She learned it from her abusive crazy bible freak hypocrite mother who stole from everyone.

    1. Hey, anonymous. How much did she get you for?

  3. The entire Sansoni family is like that. The mother got her children scholarships on fake certicates. Lanette's ex husband is serving life for dealing drugs and murder. The whole family took after their dad who died in jail.