Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Nurse Update!

NYT reporter Kevin Sack brings us up to date on the Texas nurses featured on Bad Lawyer in February.  As you will recall these nurses reported a bad and incompetent doctor to the appropriate medical board and the net result was that the local Sheriff, a pal of the doctor, investigated the nurses and arranged for their prosecution.  Prosecutors alleged that the nurses reported the incompetent Doctor in "bad faith."  A local jury acquitted nurse, Anne Mitchell and charges against the second nurse, Vickilyn Galle were dropped before her trial. 

The Times is reporting that the nurses will split $750,000 in settlement of their claims for violation of their First Amendment rights and retaliatory discharge.  These good nurses lost their jobs after decades of experience in nursing.  These two women were actually in charge of quality assurance and regulatory compliance, but since this episode have been unable to find work in their field. 

The settlement amount hardly seems enough, in light of what they were put through by this Sheriff and the authorities in Winkler County, Texas. 

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