Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Master Manipulator And His Enablers

Reporter Kimball Perry at the Cincinnati Enquirer relates the story (at the link you can watch a video of the sentencing) of the local Catholic School teacher who moved a vulnerable kid into his home and convinced her that they were married so he could rape her, repeatedly. I pass along this story, because it catches perfectly the master manipulator/pedophiles I have known, deposed, or been related to; including my father:

"The 13th of every month was the anniversary 51-year-old Salvatore 'Sam' Magro (pic, left) and his bride celebrated with outings to Mount Echo Park to renew their vows. After Magro knelt on his Delhi Township deck and proposed, the couple picked out their wedding rings then got married on the same night the bride’s older sister was wed. They lived together and had sex often. The bride skipped her prom so Magro could take her to a nice dinner.

The 'bride' was 14.

The groom, a religion teacher at Our Lady of Victory School from 2000 to 2008, was sent to prison Thursday for four years by Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge John 'Skip' West.  The girl, now 15, stood by her lawyer who read a letter she wrote about the treatment she received from a man who was like a father to her.

'I feel kind of dirty and used,' the letter noted.

Magro and his wife took the girl into their home at the beginning of the 2009-10 school year because the teen's mother cares for her four children and a grandchild, was separated, was facing surgery and couldn't properly care for the family. Jennifer Magro previously was the girl's teacher.

Quickly, Magro convinced the girl they were married and they began having sex.

'He told me that he did not love his wife and he loved me,' the girl wrote in her letter. 'It made so much sense at the time but now it makes no sense.'

Magro pleaded guilty in June to three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor in exchange for three other charges being dropped. The charges carried a maximum prison sentence of 15 years but Jack Rubenstein, Magro’s attorney, told the judge probation and intensive counseling would be more appropriate.

The girl’s family sued Magro and his wife, saying the wife’s habitual heavy drinking resulted her in passing out each night, allowing Magro and the teen to have sex. But it was revealed in court Thursday that Magro told officials he drugged his wife, making her sleep so he could have sex with the girl. Magro’s wife kicked the girl out and Magro went with her, first to a hotel for a few days and then back to the girl’s home where the sexual relationship continued.

Magro told the judge Thursday he regretted the relationship for the damage it did to the girl and his family but also to him. He no longer can teach, has lost his home and shattered his relationships with his wife of 29 years and family.

'I have lost everything that I spent a lifetime building,' a chocked-up Magro said.

Magro’s legal wife, Jennifer, asked the judge not to send her husband, who had a stroke last year, to prison, admitting 'he is indeed guilty of heinous behavior … in such a ridiculous relationship.'

Mary Sweeney, who worked with Magro when both taught at the Delhi Township school, called Magro 'a good role model for the children. The Sam that I taught with was just an honorable man,' Sweeney said."
The defendant is a maggot.  The adults who scare me are the "legal wife" and the co-worker, who characterized him as a "good role model for children."  It's the latter attitude that permeated the Catholic hierarchy when they first were confronted with the cases of clergy sex abuse.  This is astounding stupidity and misplaced values, and it cost the Church its authority.


  1. Man, this dick got a major break for molesting this kid. What's with Cincinnati?

  2. If you knew the young girl he was supposedly with, you wouldn't be pointing the finger soo quick. Blame her mother for not watching her daughter. Her mom continues to buy the girl alcohol, drops her off in Riverside to hang out. This girl babysits her neighbor and has drinking parties. This is an adult in a young girls body. I know because she was harrassing my family. Look at this girls facebook comments. She threatens people. Very manipulative girl taht is starving for affection.

    1. Screw you!! get your facts straight, must be a member of the Magro family........

    2. Came to say the same thing! He was the only teacher at OLV that Actually cared. My brother dated this girls best friend. She was not only a slut but extremely conniving. She might have been young but did not act it, acted very maturely. This girl was trouble from the very beginning, but hey she was 14 so we should believe everything she says right?

  3. Sam Magro is a sick individual. The little basterd deserves what he gets in prison.

  4. How can someone blame a 14 yr old girl? ^^^

  5. What is this recent arrest for Mr. Magro on July 8th? The girl continues to pursue unhealthy relationships. She is in desperate need of intense counseling and clearly the adults in her life have failed her along the way.
    Shame shame shame on the any of the adults that have called him an honorable man, a role model at OLV where he taught. He is a SICK man, in desperate need of help, who used his position in the community to access victims. And now arrested again. Keep him behind bars. Why was he out of jail?

    1. dont blame the mom, she had health problems... She is getting all the help she needs from family also... mother did not fail her, by her side all the way, she put off surgry and her health over this.... The blame goes on the Magro family, why is Jenny still teaching? look at facebook she is luring in another school aged girl

  6. It wasn't like he was a stranger to the family,, the girls aunt knew the Magro's good... But apparently not good enough.... Sam has done this before

  7. Judge not, lest ye be judged in like manner! All have sinned and fallen short. This whole mess is a tragedy of humanity. People who have made wrong decisions through deception in their hearts and minds. They all need help and healing, as do we all. Pray for them instead of cursing them.