Thursday, August 12, 2010

Judge Nix Quits

Cobb County Ga. Chief Judge Kenneth  Nix was reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to have abruptly announced his resignation the other day.  The way it was reported you suspected that there was more to the story, this AM correspondent Debra Cassens Weiss at the ABAJournal collects and reports all the accounts.  It turns out that Judge Nix, was being, um....inappropriate.  Here's the ABAJournal summary:

"Judge Kenneth Nix announced Tuesday that he will retire on Oct. 4, the day of his 71st birthday, according to stories by the Fulton County Daily Report, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and the Marietta Daily Journal. Nix told the Marietta Daily Journal in an earlier story that, after the photo shoot with the two women, he 'flicked them both on the fanny.' The newspaper published the lap photo.

'That was a stupid, stupid mistake,' Nix told the Marietta Daily Journal. 'I don't think that's sexual harassment. I think it's stupid of me to do it. It may be improper touching, but it's not to be such that you know I should be whatever.'

The women, Assistant District Attorney Susan Treadaway and deputy investigator Glenda Roberts, said in a statement that what happened during the photo shoot was 'more serious than reported,' the Marietta Daily Journal says. The women said they had visited Nix’s office to say good-bye to him after a courtroom reassignment.

'The judge asked us to sit on his knee just like he does to other female attorneys every Christmas when he is wearing his Santa Claus suit. He is a 70-year-old man and even though we both were reluctant to grant his request, it is sometimes difficult to say no to a grandfatherly figure and it would have been awkward. What happened later was a crime when he inappropriately touched us. What occurred was more serious than was reported.'

Nix told the Fulton County Daily Report that he is resigning to avoid an investigation into his conduct. According to the story, 'He said he also feared an exploration into possibly other issues that could embarrass him and his family.'  District Attorney Patrick Head and the two women say they did not file an ethics complaint against the judge or take any legal action. Head said Nix’s retirement is 'disturbing' and he is 'a well-respected jurist and has served with distinction for many years.'

The vice-chair of the Judicial Qualifications Commission, Judge John Allen of Muscogee County Superior Court, echoed that assessment. 'I've known Ken for many years,' he told the Fulton County Daily Report. 'He is one of the finest judges and persons I've ever had the privilege of knowing. His retirement will be a loss to the public.'"
This is bullshit.  The apologists for Nix, and Nix's minimization of his sexual harassment of the public servants under his authority enrages me.  Women attorneys, women in the workplace do not deserve to be treated this way.  This guy was pulling this bullshit for years.  Good riddance.


  1. Bad Lawyer, Worse Journalist, at least you are consistent in your incompetence. You have no idea what you are talking about. Please stick to the few small areas of life and law about which you may have some modicum of actual knowledge, however minimal.

  2. Anon @ 12:23--

    Thank you for your insigihts, whatever they are apart from insulting me. Frankly, I'm beyond insult, fire away--but, you sound like you think you possess some insight. So share it.

    I'll tell you why I "know" that Judge Nix has been at this "for years." For three decades I represented victims of sex abuse and harrassment, perpetrators are opportunistic actors, they don't just "flick" a couple of asses late in their careers. This old shit was taking advantage of any opportunity he had to gratify his childish ego by groping females.

    Want to bet?

    Furthermore, coverage emerging from Georgia is showing precisely this.

  3. The AJC quotes a local lawyer, "{the Judge} comes from an era that the term 'sexual harassment,' that sort of thing, wasn't thought of," Korn said. "It was just a way of doing business. He's still living a bit in the old school."


  4. Molly--

    Thank you for the quote from Mr. Korn, so are you suggesting that this Judge was a serial offender? Imagine that.

  5. This judge needs to take some sort of anaphrodisiac with his morning coffee.

  6. yeah, go judge a man who you don't know. that's fair. you are a terrible journalist mate. he was a good man living in a different time. not a villian, but certainly out of his time. and clearly you have not looked into the details of this situation either. the cyberworld would be better off without you.

  7. My nephew Sherman Miller has been lock-up for almost 3 years waiting on Judge Nix and the woman who made the claim against him has recanted all of her statements as being not true. And this lawyer just took my sisters money. and this is the 2nd lawyer she has paid. And Sherman Miller is still setting in Smith prison Glennville Ga,30427 E-1 1000113825 can someone give advice we are out of money my email is

  8. The sexual misconduct is the least of what this man has done, or other judges in Cobb County, GA. What he is hiding has nothing to do with his phallus... it has to do with fraud and racketeering.

  9. I KNEW IT !!!! You know my situation...

  10. You know I didn't choke my son!