Tuesday, August 24, 2010

U.S. District Judge James Rosenbaum Set to Retire--A Profile

Reporter Rueben Rosario at the TwinCities.com has a very readable profile and interview with retiring U.S. District Judge James Rosenbaum, that serves as a reminder of what a good judge represents.  Rosenbaum, who was a former U.S. Attorney in St. Paul, was appointed to the bench by President Ronald Reagan.  What's interesting to me is how reporter Rosario captures perfectly, the combination of judgment and mercy that is intrinsic in the job well-done.

Thank you, Judge Rosenbaum.


  1. judgement and mercy? what a joke! buddy of big business.

    1. Why do you believe this to be true? Trying to find an employment mediator, he was recommended. I am the employee, not the employer - so you comment concerns me.

  2. Wow, that's a good judge you've featured right there. I wish I can find a criminal attorney in Los Angeles as credible as Judge Rosenbaum. I actually live in Long Beach. Attorneys there are good, too, but my husband wants me to look for one in Los Angeles instead.

    Whoops, sorry for going off topic there. Anyway, more power to your blog!

  3. An incredible judge and phenomenal person. Thank you.

  4. The Minnesota Federal District Court suffered a severe loss when this very fine jurist, intellect and human being retired. I make this comment as a person that he sentenced, but I never doubted his fairness, humanness, or integrity.