Monday, August 16, 2010

Benjamin Thomas Field, California Prosecutor Disciplinary Suspension Update

In February I reported on the proposed long disciplinary suspension of Benjamin Thomas Field.  The is confirming that the California Supreme Court upheld a lengthy 4 year suspension for this attorney.  This is a very unusual outcome ion a disciplinary case involving prosecutorial misconduct;  as I said at the time, there is at least one Judge on the bench, here, in OurTown who by the standards Mr. Field is being held to, should have been disbarred. 

Please go back and read the original post at the link which also had a link to the recommended disciplinary action.  As I said at the time, I really had ambivalent feelings about the action taken against this guy.  There certainly is good reason for the steps taken by the disciplinary authorities just from the standpoint of failing the taxpayers on both a fiduciary and a public safety basis.  But it also seems pretty clear that this is a kid who lost his way, and ultimately I have a sense that better mentoring would have resulted in a better outcome for this lawyer.  You see, I'm over-identifying. 

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  1. Great series of posts, also see Simple Justice on this disciplainry suspension. Great discusssion, there.