Monday, August 9, 2010

Judge Chauncey M. Depew Wants to Lick Your Butt

The Legal Profession Blawg tips to the story of the Kansas Judge who has been suspended for one year for what is described as incredibly childish and rude sex play and harasssment.  Oh, the header to this blog post is one of the charming observations Judge Depew made to one of the court's staff. Nice.The victims are female court employees. 

The opinion of the Kansas Supreme Court suspending Judge Depew raises one very importatn question, why isn't this guy in jail?

Seriously, sexting photographs of his genitalia is one thing, grabbing female court employees who have "to forcibly remove [themselves] from his grip," that's assault and battery and or gross sexual imposition.  A one year suspension, are you kidding me. 


  1. The Bad Lawyer blawg posts these anecdotal stories to illustrate a point about ego and DNA and immaturity. These himan limitations know no class, educatonal or wealth boundaries. Your judge, your lawyer, your doctor, in fact anyone you know has an obligation to grow up and treat others the way they themselves wish to be treated. What person says to his or herself, I want my boss, the professional I look to for advice or help, my employee to tell me that they wish to do something crude to me?

    That the disciplinary authorities will take so little action in the face of what is in actuality a sex crime, while Joe Blow who paid his receptionist under the table gets publically humiliated and suspended should tell us all about the values within the system.

  2. Kids, I don’t know about you but if my lawyer reached over and showed me his pecker and then leaned over with a touching note describing his desire to go to my inner sanctum I’d probably want to look for a jack hammer that would leave a loving impact on his inner sanctum. But that’s just me, some of you would probably go home and write a love letter back right?

  3. As no mother would freely choose "Chancey M. Depew" as the name for a child, must assume that the Respondent is a descendent of the Depew of Peekskill NY who was associated with the Vanderbilt railroads, and served in the US Senate c. 1898-1910.

  4. He IS a descendent of said Depew. He has ruined his ancestor's good and well-respected name, not to mention that of his poor oldest son who also inherited the name.

    Agreeing with one of the anonymous posts preceding this one, he should absolutely be in jail. It is unbelievable that this was let go. His slap on the wrist is in NO WAY a form of justice for the poor women who were assaulted, harrassed, made to feel uncomfortable in their own work environment, and unable to trust the person they should have been able to rely upon for help against such atrociousness.

    Don't even get me started on the lives he carelessly and selfishly endangered in his own "family". They are better off without him.

    He must be very intelligent, yet he's stupid enough that he still holds hopes of getting his licenses to practice law back in the near future. He hasn't even completed half the manditory items on the list of things he's been ordered to do before he can be reinstated. Each of the items on the list, seeking regular counseling for one, should be scrutinized to verify if what Depew says he's been doing is valid because he's obviously a shady character and can't be trusted. He will find someone to fake any necessary counts of his counseling visits, etc. That's just the kind of deceiving loser he is. I hope the deciding minds see through him when they are announcing to him his fate.

    And WHY WOULD DEPEW WANT TO STAY IN THIS AREA ANYWAY (both law & physical location)???? He's ruined his name. Even if he DOES fake his way through getting reinstated and fooling anyone into thinking he's a changed man, NO ONE will hire him! No one that's done their homework anyway, and the poor souls who failed to research their hired attorney will most likely be nickel & dime clients to Depew so why would he hold out so long if this is the best he can hope for?

    If he had any common sense and wasn't so egotistical, he would move away where he could start over with some other unwitting group of prey. I hear the Bermuda Triangle is nice this time of year.

  5. I came to the site looking for info on the riverboat the Chauncy M Depew. I'm in a library in Buffalo reading an autobiography of the original Chauncy M. Interesting story. I'm a bad lawyer myself, currently retired.