Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mo. Lawyer Mows Down Local Man, Keeps on Going

According a report at the Springfield (Missouri) News-Leader:

An attorney from Mexico, Mo., is facing two charges in the hit-and-run death of man who was on a lawn mower. Mexico Public Safety Assistant Director Brice Mesko says James A. Clampitt was arrested Friday on charges of first-degree involuntary manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident [on a Audrain County arrest warrant.]

The arrest came after a driver of an SUV hit and killed Richard Cobb on June 13.  Clampitt told KXEO radio earlier this year that he was driving the vehicle but said he was unaware until the next day that his vehicle had been involved in an accident.

Clampitt is free on a $100,000 personal bond.
One can probably safely assume that the victim, Mr. Cobb, was not mowing at night, so one naturally wonders how it is that Mr. Clampitt will explain the concept of not knowing he killed Mr. Cobb who was astride a riding mower.  The further mystery is how it is that the radio station KXEO knew to ask Clampitt about the MVA (motor vehicle accident) and yet it took the local constabulary 6 weeks to get around to arresting the attorney?. 

I suspect that Mr. Clampitt was liquored-up (or in some other sort of altered state) when this killing occurred; and, that lawyer, Clampitt,  made the strategic legal decision that it was better not to report the accident, contemporaneously, for fear of what his blood tests would reveal.  We shall see.


  1. He was just arrested again yesterday on 3 counts of felony fraud charges. When it rains it pours.

  2. if we are lucky clampitt will get mowed by a truck!!

  3. You really don't know the details in this case. In Jims defense he was in a very tall vehicle and the spot of the accident is very dark. the man was on a very short & small ridung mower without lights or reflecters of any kind and he died of a result of the accident days later so technically he didn't kill him. It hasnt been proven yet that he was legally intoxicated. On the other hand Jim should have went back when he thought he may have hit something and going to get your SUV fixed the next day looks a little bad.Jim is a good man and has done quite a lot for the community.

    1. I think the only details you know are the ones you want to believe. M.A.D.D. shouldve been involved and made an example of JIM....drunk driving and leaving someone to die on side of road. Had Jim stopped then Richard may have lived. Pathetic that you take up for someone like Clampitt that kills someone and LEAVES!

  4. Hey "friend", you say Richard Cobb wasn't technically killed by Clampitt. Did Richard die of natural causes or did he die from the injuries he suffered after Clampitt ran him over? and that's AFTER Clampitt had been drinking at the Mexican restaurant, right? Clampitt even turned his teenage child into the police and said HE DID IT! Clampitt didn't come forward to accept his own actions. Worse, he tries to hide it. if clampitt would have done the right thing then he'd be serving more time in prison. Pathetic excuse of judicial system when someone gets 6 mos for killing someone else.....especially during a drunk driving accident.

  5. Shyster lawyer kills man, flees scene of accident due to intoxication, tries to blame son, steals from employer, finally gets caught. gets what amounts to a slap on the wrist,goes free, files bankruptcy to protect his assets while denying wronged family damages due. What good does it do to have a snake under a rock like him to waste breathable air? Karmas a bitch clampit, believe that.