Monday, August 2, 2010

NASCAR Driver, Tax Cheat

According to a report at the Richmond Times-Dispatch  ex-NASCAR champ Tommy Ellis and wife are going to jail for tax fraud.  

Ellis, a two-time Busch series champ ran a couple of "Buzz Thru" car washes with his wife.  After the Ellis' put the operations up for sale they were contacted by an undercover IRS agent. Pretending to be interested in the purchase of the car washes, the agent was able to obtain evidence from Ellis who bragged that the washes generated alot more cash than they were reporting to the IRS.

The couple was actively hiding cash earned by maintaining two sets of books which Tommy Ellis showed the agent.  His wife was actively involved in creating the accounting records.

The motivation appears to have been to maintain a measure of luxury beyong any reasonable expectation of necessity or debt.  As Ellis said in Court, there was "no reason" for the crime. 


  1. your obsession with taxes is becoming too repiticious for the citizens of this great land that are continually destroyed by the fraud the I.R.S. practices and your refusal to recognize this is further ammunition in their already vast arsenal
    iask you as joe banister asked the I.R.S. (before his aquittal) show me the law that specifically mandates an individual pay tax on his income or file a return THE LAW NOT THE CODE under which an individual who volunteers follows and if you do chose to pay taxes realize it is just that your choice not your duty or anything of the sort for if you have income taken to pay not for that that is not a cost of your funtion but to pay for some one elses expences against your wishes that is
    and using threats to do so is


  2. Your Holiness--
    You and I disagree about the tax laws.

    I have many "obsessions," obeying the laws, and my failure to obey the law are the broad themes of Bad Lawyer. Unlike you I took an oath to obey the laws and I did not. The consequences of that failure is one of the things I relate on BL. You can idolize the one or two people who defied the tax laws and escaped responsibility, but my friend--noone should think that that course is advisable or appropriate in my opinion. I'm happy you present a dissenting point of view, but your theory of "income" and tax liability is not in the mainstream of thought, and if it were there would be no roads, rail, ports, financial systems, military or many of the other social and safety nets that enable your lifestyle.

  3. yes and just following the mainstream does not make it the correct course to up hold the law have you yet found the law no just found the leader to follow
    that the relative number who have prevailed is small they are the most informed and calculated

    ONCE AGAIN SEPARATE CODE FROM LAW -it's simple. most don't want to acknowledge this because once you know the truth it becomes difficult to admit we are paying out of fear rather than duty i know in some tucked away distant corner of your conscienceness you can hold recognition of this truth once again there is NO NO LAW
    the pope