Monday, August 2, 2010

White Trash Horror Story

The patriarch of the West Charleston, West Virgina Mallo family was sentenced to prison as one of the "responsible" adults overseeing what a Kanawah Circuit Judge deemed the filthiest and most degrading living situation, he, the Judge, has encountered. This is Cheryl Caswell's account for the Daily Mail:

"A Kanawha Circuit judge has sentenced the oldest of the Mallo family to one to three years in prison for ignoring the filthy and abusive environment of his home, saying he hopes he serves the maximum time.

Alexander Mallo, 68, who also uses the last name Doran, already has been incarcerated for 404 days and could come before a parole board to consider his release soon.  Judge Charles King denied a request by Mallo's public defender Shawn Bayliss for probation, saying the public good demanded a prison sentence.

'Anything less than a prison sentence is out of order given the facts and circumstances of this case,' King said. "I don't know if I've ever seen a home like this, ever. 'These conditions and the conduct that was going on ... there's no excuse. None. None. None,' said King.

The man lived in a house on Frame Street with several family members including grandchildren. One of them, 14-year-old Thomas Mallo, stabbed 82-year-old neighbor Phyllis Phares to death a year ago. Police called it one of the most disturbing crimes they'd ever investigated.

The juvenile, prosecuted as an adult, will be sentenced for that murder Wednesday by Circuit Judge Carrie Webster.  The investigation of Phares' death revealed the Mallo home as a nightmarish place of extreme unsanitary conditions and child neglect that included sexual crimes. Five adults and the juvenile were prosecuted.

Bayliss said, 'The home has been documented as a filthy, vile place'  that revealed 'a life out of control not only for a grandfather but for an entire family. .. torn apart, separated, isolated, incarcerated.' He asked for mercy for Mallo.  King declined, saying he didn't want the county probation department to handle him.

'They've already put enough time in on this family,' the judge said. 'Let the parole department supervise him. But I hope he serves every day of his three-year sentence.'

Prosecutor Mark Plants said he was satisfied with King's sentence. 'We wanted a prison sentence and I think it's justified in this case,' Plants said. 'Yes, the house was deplorable, but the real problem was the kids in the home being abused.  One of the main moral obligations we have on this planet is taking care of our children,' Plants said. 'And if you don't do it, you should be prosecuted and you should be in jail.'

Mallo told King he was sorry for overlooking what was happening in his house.

'I'd like to get back to my wife, to get our life back together,' the elder Mallo told King. 'I should be more in touch with what's going on in my house.'  He and his wife, Carolyn Mallo, were charged with child neglect. She was sentenced to ten months in jail and was released in April having served most of that time already. She attended the hearing Tuesday along with other Mallo family members.

One of them expressed outrage that reporters were writing about the hearing and taking pictures of her in the courtroom. As Mallo was led out by a bailiff, she strode over to a television cameraman and called him 'rude' because he filmed her crying. She also told a newspaper reporter she didn't want anything written about the sentencing."
There's YouTube video footage of what the investigators found in this house of horrors.  I don't recommend watching it.  I've seen this sort of horror with my own eyes in my own lifetime within my own extended family. I am deeply disturbed by the long term consequences for the children and grandchildren raised in this feral setting.

Children deserve to be loved and cared for, this is the antithesis.  It's not lost on me that the adults convicted in these horrors were themselves products of not much better, cycle upon cycle, degradation upon degradation.  By the grace of God may the circle of crime against this family's children end in this generation.  The thing is--who is to know.  What system to we have to follow these children into their adult lives, and then the lives of their children?


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    1. He's referring this trash which happens to be white. Don't get your panties in a wad. Surely white trash exists and this family is at the top of that heap.

  2. Your Holiness--
    My sense of social courtesy and appropriatness gives me license to mercilessly criticize my own ethnic group. Recently I saw the Black journalist Roland Martin go after the parents and responsible adults of Chicago and other American big cities who breed, and enable "thug culture." I feel that he was doing and saying what needed to be done and said from his perspective about his ethnic culture. Likewise, I'm sure you can speak critically of your ethnic background in a way and with insights that others should not or dare not.

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  5. Guy Van Nuys:

    I think you are talking about the infamous "White Trash Fat Lady" films shot in Centreville, Virginia, right?

  6. you know what,just let the mallo family get back to their lives and leave them alone..i wrote to Thomas in prison for the first time last week,and I don't regret that..everyone makes mistakes,so why don't yall just shut the hell up!

    1. No the Mallos cannot be allowed to get back to their disgusting white trash lives and breeding more white trash and killing animals, breeding roaches, abusing kids, and slaughtering 80 year old ladies, and bringing down property values. He's lucky to be in jail, with a clean cot unsullied by human excrement, 3 hots, and the ability to wash his butt.

  7. so much to say and not enough time to say it in so I will just say this. I hope and Pray to God that the mallo's that is still serving time do not EVER get out. I lived in that neighborhood long before the killing of this wonderful beautiful lady was killed. I remember her she would walk up and down them steps wave and say hi to us. She never did nothing wrong to anyone. She was good to everyone. So to the one that said leave them alone and let them get back to their lives.. I want you to think about this what would you want to happen if that was your mother that was killed or your child that was touched by this sick family??? HUH!! Would you want the killers or the ones that touched your child to walk away and live their lives while your family is in pain from all this?? I dont think you would. So do not tell me to leave the Mallo's alone and let them get back to their lives. Or are you the same way they are WHITE TRASH??