Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ron Plunkett Update--Guilty in Drug Death

Bad Lawyer previously relayed the sordid tale of Ann Arbor, former prosecutor and defense attorney Ron Plunkett's who's life descended into druggy hell.  Reporter Lee Higgins for AnnArbor.com is reports that Plunkett (pic) entered a guilty plea to charges relating to the provision of drugs that resulted in the death of his girl friend's girl friend in his bedroom:

"A former [Ann Arbor] defense attorney accused of paying for and transporting the heroin that caused the death of an Ypsilanti woman in 2006 pleaded guilty today to drug charges. Ronald James Plunkett, 53, pleaded guilty this afternoon in Washtenaw County Circuit Court to delivery of less than 50 grams of cocaine and maintaining a drug house.

He admitted to giving someone cocaine at his Fuller Court apartment on June 16, 2006 - the day 22-year-old Tiffany Gregory collapsed there and died after consuming a combination of alcohol, cocaine and heroin. Gregory was a medic in the Army National Guard and was scheduled to deploy to Iraq later that year.

'That day I allowed three people to come there and use drugs at [my] house,' Plunkett told Judge Melinda Morris.

Plunkett also admitted he allowed people to use drugs at his home before and after that date. Under a plea agreement with prosecutors, charges of delivery of heroin causing death and delivery of less than 50 grams of heroin will be dismissed.

Tracy Corson, 25, of Howell, who was Plunkett's girlfriend [according to the Michigan Supreme Court opinion reinstating his drug charges, a Livonia prostitute] at the time of the death, already served two years in prison in the case after pleading guilty to delivery of a controlled substance causing death.  Plunkett's case has been delayed numerous times due to legal challenges over the relatively new law allowing prosecutors to charge people with providing drugs that caused a death.

The Washtenaw County circuit judge and state appellate judges that reviewed the case determined there was not enough probable cause for Plunkett to stand trial. But the state Supreme Court reinstated felony drug delivery charges and refused to reconsider that decision earlier this year.

Plunkett faces a maximum of 23 months in prison[.]"


  1. 23 months is not enough for a man who abandon ~500 cases, caused the death of other, used a mule to obtain his drugs in court, and harm clints with his malfeasant actions as an attorney.

  2. run75441-
    As I said in another context, no matter how much time Plunkett receives or actually serves, it's a life sentence.

  3. BL:

    Talk to the people he failed in court. There are some serving sentences who should not be doing so because of Plunkett.

  4. I just think that justice failed in this case.. Puckett.. used people to buy his drugs.. use young prostitutes to get what he wanted.. Plunkett knew what was going on that night.. he was there in the car when the drugs where purchased.. this is just crazy... like he didn't know what was bought.. when we all know that he was giving his money to pay for cocaine and heroine every week.. how many girls did he used to purchase his drugs.. Who knows if others overdosed in his house.. What kills me in all that is that they took the time to hide the drugs when they all of them knew a person was dying... 24 months is not enough for all the harm that man caused.. In my eyes.. this man is a failure..and should rot in hell

  5. Bad Lawyer:

    As a followup:

    Prosecutor Burke decided not to prosecute Plunkett after going to the MSC and ahieving an overturn of the MI Court of Appeals ruling dropping the more severe of the charges carrying a maximum life sentence. His reasoning was that the passage of time was to lengthy to prosecute Plunkett. Why Burke pursued this issue to the MSC is really questionable in light of his reasoning for not going to trial.

    In determining sentencing Judge Morris said "I know you are attempting to get your life in order" beofore gicing Plunkett a 36 month Probation sentence. This comes after:

    - After someone dies because of his drug habit and his purchase of drugs.
    - Driving on a suspended license while being in possession.
    - Abandoning his cases as an attorney and keeping the fees.
    - Not paying his office rent (he was convicted for this one :))

    The pusher received 1.5 to 15 years; Corson received 1.5 to 15 years; and Plunkett walks free . . . and is on probation. It remains to be seen if the MI Attorney Grievance Commission sees enough malfeasant actions on the part of Plunkett to revoke his attorney license forever. I doubt they will.

    Justice In Michigan ???

  6. anon @ 10:15

    I am grateful to you for the update.

    Your implicit outrage is understandable. What I would ask you to do is to bear in mind that Ron Plunkett received a life sentence. In fact, Plunkett's name is enshrined online, for the rest of his life, as are your comments concerning his crime.

    No matter how far down the scale he has fallen, his experience can benefit others--it benefits you and it benefits me. We can grieve for the life lost, and the incarceration of the girlfriend, but from another perspective we can easily imagine that the incarceration gave her an opportunity to fundamentally change, and possibly save her own life.

    As a lawyer who for the time being, lost my license to unethical banking and tax offenses, I can assure you that the shame and disgrace I feel has almost overwhelmed me. I suspect that Plunkett, likewise, will be shadowed by his own Bad Lawyer, whether he retains the ability to practice law or not. In OurState, I can not speak for Michigan, a felony charge like the one Plunkett was under carried an interim suspension. Now that he's a felon, he may or may not be able to obtain re-admission based on "character and fitness," I can't speak for MI--although, not comparing Plunkett with others, I see where Geoff Fieger seems like he wears a teflon suit.

  7. I remember the day Tiff's brother told me she had passed. I had not spoken to her for so long by then. What I do remember however is a spirited young girl who loved her family but never loved herself enough. I guess those she trusted did not either. RIP, Tiff.

  8. Ron is now the manager of the Washtenaw Alano Club and very abusive towards the employees. The board is doing nothings about it and He is damaaging the clubs image.

  9. The Alano club abuse allegation is complete BS. He runs a great club and everbody likes him a lot.

  10. I wonder if Ron remembers the young girl he was suppose to represent, who's life changed for ever, because of rotten drug addicted attorney I hired, you took our money, and did nothing for her. Thanks Ron!!! You must have ruined a lot of peoples lives.