Friday, August 6, 2010

Orly Taitz Update

The brings us up to date on out favorite Birther-attorney and California dentist, Orly Taittz.  When Bad Lawyer last looked at the antics of Dr. Taitz, she was battling sanctions for frivolous conduct arising our of preposterous lawsuits filed, among other places, in Georgia where sanctions of $20,000 were imposed upon her.  At that time, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected her appeal and now she has filed the second of two "stay" requests with the US Supreme Court.  The first request was filed with Justice Clarence Thomas who summarily rejected the "stay," and the second is with Justice Samuel Alito where it remains pending.  What's amazing, according to two legal observers quoted in the ABAJournal post is that the "stay" procedure is a seriously incorrect process:

"Her effort is problematic on at least two fronts, legal observers say:

First, she should have filed a writ of certiorari with the high court, seeking to appeal the fine. 'Stays are for people condemned to death [who] are on the gurney,' says attorney Bill Mason of Columbus.

Second, another Columbus attorney, Frank Martin, questions Taitz's claim that it is appropriate to go to justice after justice with the same stay request, if it is denied. Taitz is, he says, trying the patience of the Supreme Court with this tactic."

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